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AB Masonry offers a wide range of masonry services in Chicago to meet all of our residential, commercial, and historical clients' needs.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.

tuckpointing chicago

Chicago Tuckpointing Services

The process of tuckpointing is the restoration of the old mortar joints. The old mortar is removed from the joints and then is replaced with a new mortal. The repairs of mortar joints are a common maintenance task for brick masonry. The mortar holding brick or stone masonry is exposed to harsh weather conditions such a rain. The water will cause mortar deterioration sooner or later.

When this happens, moisture can enter the wall or chimney system and break apart your brick, stone, or cement masonry. The tuckpointing process will ensure that all the gaps between bricks are repaired and sealed to prevent further destruction of your building.  

If you see signs of mortar deterioration, do not wait any longer and call an experienced Chicago tuckpointing contractor such as AB Masonry today.

chimney repair chicago

Chicago Brick Chimney Repair Services

For efficient and reliable chimney repair, you can count on AB Masonry for all of your chimney repair needs. For many years our team of trained professionals has been repairing chimneys for Chicago residents and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing each customer with superior service to ensure that their chimneys are in the best condition possible.

When Ab Masonry is on the job, you can have peace of mind knowing that your chimney repairs are in the very best of hands. Climate change can greatly affect a chimney's condition. Your chimney is always exposed to all kinds of different elements; heat, snow, rain, thaw cycles, cold, and much more. These elements contribute to the deterioration of a chimney, and sooner or later, you will notice cracks in the bricks, mortar, and cement. Loose bricks, stones, and mortar can also fall from the chimney and damage surrounding structures below. A well-maintained chimney can bring an effective performance of a fireplace and improve the heating system's efficiency and extend longevity. 

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Chicago Concrete Services

AB Masonry offers excellent concrete services in the Chicago area. It is important to know that working with concrete is difficult to work with that requires precision, and this is why it is important to hire a professional and experienced concrete contractor in Chicago, such as AB Masonry. 
Concrete is well known for its durability in any environment. That means that concrete is resistant to wind, water, fire, and other elements. Once installed, concrete is going to last for many years. 
We offer a wide range of residential and commercial concrete services in the Chicago area, such as concrete block repairs, sidewalks and patios, staircases, foundations, floors, and other concrete construction services. Whether you need a concrete installation, concrete restoration, or concrete repair, we are at your service. 

caulking contractor chicago

Chicago Caulking Services

Serving the greater Chicago area, AB Masonry proudly offers excellent caulking services for your mason structures. Caulk is a material used for sealing cracks, holes, or gaps around windows, doors, pipes, and other various structures. The purpose of caulking is to provide thermal insulation, control water penetration, and noise mitigation. A home, when properly caulked, can provide protection from unwanted outdoor dirt or creatures. Also, sealing unwanted leaks or cracks around homes is an excellent way to cut home energy costs. Caulking should be done in appropriate ways, otherwise, improper caulking can lead to leaking, mold development, wetting, moisture smell, staining, and water damage.

If you need caulking services in Chicago, here at AB Masonry, we get your job done right with sealant and caulk. Our experienced caulking experts have been providing caulking services for many years, providing amazing results for an affordable price. We use high-quality material products and materials. Call us today for all your caulking needs. We make sure to give you results that will exceed your expectations.

lintel replacement chicago

Chicago Lintel Replacement Services

If you see cracks, wet spots, or water leaks coming from the top of your windows or doors, then it is a sign that you need to replace or repair your window or door lintels. The horizontal structure above the windows or doors is called lintels. The purpose of the lintel is to support the weight of the masonry above. The most common lintels are made out of materials such as concrete, brick, or steel. Lintel, if not serviced, will no longer function to support the brick or stone above. Replacing window or door lintel is a difficult task, and it should be performed by an experienced lintel replacement contractor in the Chicago area. This is when AB Masonry comes to the rescue. Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of the problem and take the best course of action. No detail will be overlooked to complete the window or door lintel repair or replacement project for you.
We use the best quality materials to ensure that our job is done right the first time.

  • Residential, Commercial and Historical Projects

  • Tuckpointing

  • Brick and Masonry Repair

  • Brick Pointing and Mortar Repair

  • Historical Building Restorations

  • Chimney Repair

  • Concrete Block Repairs

  • Coping / Flashing Repair and Replacement

  • Masonry Facade Rehabilitation

  • Stone Facade Repairs

  • Parapet Wall Repair and Replacement

  • Masonry Walls Repaired and Rebuilt

  • Steel Lintel Repair and Replacement

  • High rise facade and curtain wall repairs

  • Concrete Sidewalks and Patios

  • Concrete Staircases

  • Concrete Retaining Walls

  • Foundation Repair

  • Waterproofing

  • Waterproof Coatings and Sealants

  • Chemical Cleaning / Power Washing

  • Elastomeric Coatings

  • Concrete and masonry clear sealant application

  • Crack repair; epoxy injection and urethane grout injection

  • Caulking Services

  • Window and Door Caulking

  • Garage Deck Caulking

  • Other Masonry Work



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